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Elevate your beverage game with the vibrant blend of tangy lemons and succulent raspberries in our Raspberry Lemon THC + CBD high-seltzer. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or looking for a little tranquility, our mildly dosed Higher Vibes seltzers have you covered. 5mg THC + 10mg


  • CBD per can
  • Zero Calories - No Hangovers
  • Vegan | Gluten Free | Natural
  • Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Erythritol, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Natural Lemon Flavor, Stevia Extract, Hemp Extract, Citric Acid (Contains < 0.3% THC)

North Canna Co Selzer- Raspberry Lemon

  • Adult cannabis use under safe and normal circumstances can have desirable effects. The goals for many cannabis users include feelings of well-being, mild disorientation, or increased appetite. The THC in cannabis is a psychoactive compound that affects movement, balance, coordination, and judgement so safety is key to enjoying recreational cannabis while avoiding negative outcomes. Driving or operating any kind of heavy machinery while impaired is dangerous, and driving under the influence of any substance is illegal.

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