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Minny Grown: Sex on the Sandbar

It tastes exactly like you think it will!

Minny Grown is a local wholesaler based out of the Twin Cities who has taken an interesting twist on traditional cocktails and made them into refreshing THC beverages.

The Sex on the Sandbar hits all the flavors you expect when drinking a Sex on the Beach without the hangover. Well done Minny Grown...well done.

First Impressions

First impressions are light and refreshing, as the flavors come full circle you can taste that great peach and orange flavors you are expecting right off the bat.

We all order it...

We have all been at the bar and ordered a Sex on the Beach because we didn't know what else to order and we know it will taste good. Minny Grown takes those flavors and creates a very nice twist on a classic.

The Final Score

Chill Rating 10 out of 10. Nailed the flavors and the light carbonation makes for the perfect drink! Comment below with your rating...

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